Boston college is a purrfect match for rescued cats.

Boston College’s mission to foster stray cats has been a ‘purrfect’ success.

chatty catty-Missy had no trouble welcoming visitors.

The college teamed up with charity, Blue Cross who help find cats new homes and as part of a learning experience for students. So far, they have helped re-home 24 animals.

The college has its own cattery – built in January – which houses the town’s feline friends has been buzzing with four-legged guests since it opened.

Students in the Animal Studies department care for the cats; feed them and administer any medical needs. They also, write their backstories to help the cats find owners and introduce them to their prospective new families.

The department is home to many different animals regardless of if they have furry skins, fins or wings

So far the college has taken in and cared for many cats and kittens while they wait for their forever homes. Nationwide, the Blue Cross re-homed nearly 9,000 small animals last year, who have been either brought into the charity or been rescued from unfit surroundings.

Jackie Clarke-Williams, small animal unit manager and Animal Studies department leader, told us how she thought it would be the perfect learning opportunity for her students and for the college.

“My students don’t have to work with scenarios in their assessments anymore, they can work with the real thing which is much more authentic. It has been a great opportunity.”

“They’ll come in sometimes and do a bit of interaction with them and a bit of play. Some of our lower level students will make enrichment items for them as well….It just gets them thinking outside of the box.”

The cats have an average 10-12 day turn around in the college, from entering the cattery and getting settled, to being introduced to their new family and eventually leaving the college to live a better life.

feel-ine right at home. The cats settled into their enclosure quickly.

But the cattery scheme hasn’t been easy. The building for the shelter started back in the summer, meaning the process has taken over 6 months to materialise.

But even some of the more grumpy felines have managed to settle in fairly quickly. Especially with the care and attention of Jackie and her students.

The college has had great success with the scheme. They have had prospective owners from all over the UK getting in touch, looking to adopt.

For more information about the cats, their home or even adopting your own furry friend, please contact Boston college on 01205 365701 or visit the adoption page for Blue Cross.