Boston independent parties align to tackle ‘plaguing’ issues

The Bostonian Independent Group (BiG) and the Blue Revolution Party have aligned in an attempt to tackle some of the key issues which are “plaguing” the town, including fly tipping, graffiti and drinking in public areas.

Is there ‘no future’ for Boston?

Both organisations share a strong opposition towards the main political parties on the borough council, and say they want to bring an end to the party-political system ahead of the local elections in May.

Barrie Pierpoint, member of the Bostonian Independent Group, told LSJ News: ” We are looking at ways of tackling these issues by working with the police, other local authorities, councillors and residents.

People elect councillors to make things happen. If you run for councillor, the whole point is to serve people, work with people and look after people.

I think the police and the borough council both have a role to play, which at the moment, isn’t being done very efficiently.”

BiG was formed in February 2018 by former UKIP councillors Anton Dani, Barrie Pierpoint, Brian Rush and Stephen Ball.

Their 20 point plan proposal, promises to work with the community to tackle anti-social activity in Boston and surrounding areas.

Mr Pierpoint said: “The whole alliance with the other party is mainly about how we can work together to bring benefits to the common good of the people of Boston.

Authorities blame budget cuts for not tackling issues sooner

Anti-social behaviour is getting more out of control and more frequent. People are saying they are fed up of it, but nothing is actually being done.

We want to work with the people, to get things done and make their town or village a much safer and cleaner environment so they can live a happier life.”

This weekend, PCOS’ were been spotted in the town centre pouring alcohol out onto the street to tackle street drinking.

They were pictured emptying cans in Central Park at around 10.45am on Saturday, March 30.

Alongside this, a Facebook group named Boston Street Drinkers Incidents, was set up in October last year, which may be a step towards tackling these issues.

Listen to our interview with Barrie Pierpoint below: