How Boston tackles loneliness through the Chatty Cafe Scheme?

The Ridge Room, on Boston Highstreet has become the first caf located in Boston to take up the ‘Chatty Cafe Scheme’.

The Ridge Rooms Caf in Boston, Lincolnshire

The Scheme aims to tackle the growing issue of lonliness by offering a safe and comfortable environment for the public, so that they can come in anytime they want to talk to someone.

Leanne Hill the owner of The Ridge Rooms was introduced to the scheme by her sister who runs a similar scheme in Leicester called ‘The Friendly Bench’ which aims to tackle loneliness through a communal garden that is available for the public.

The scheme will be running indefinitely, and Leanne is hoping that other businesses in Boston will become inspired to take up the scheme themselves.

Suhara Jayasena from LSJ News interviewed Leanne, which can be heard down below.