When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens for Businesses in Lincoln

We’re used to hearing about businesses in Lincoln closing, but things are not what they seem.

According to Richard Baxter, Operations Manager of Lincoln BIG, “five new businesses have opened in Lincoln over the past couple of weeks”.

“With the university growing, it brings more footfall into the city.”

Although Mr Baxter could not provide us with an exact number of how many businesses have opened and closed in Lincoln in 2019, he did suggest that the ratio is about one-to-one.

“We have been fortunate, when one business closes, another opens in its place fairly quickly. We are not a big city like our neighbours Leeds and York. We haven’t got many shops to offer, so that’s why we don’t have empty shops for very long.”

“We represent 647 businesses in Lincoln city centre, that figure will grow over the coming years. It hasn’t been below 600 for a long time.”

We spoke to two businesses that recently opened their doors in Lincoln. Amongst other questions, we asked them why they chose Lincoln as their location.

The first is Seasalt Cornwall, a Cornish themed clothing store where we spoke with Assistant Manager, Lee Clapp.

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We also spoke to Paulo Batista, General Manager of Samba Brazil, a Brazilian restaurant.

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