Making Lincoln lush again

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Lush Lincoln held an event today where members of the public could bring in rubbish they have collected from around the city and in return they were rewarded with a free bubble bar.

People were encouraged to pick an area that they thought may be littered with rubbish, collect the waste they find and hand it in to the store where they can get the chance to make one of their bubble bars for free.

The event was done in partnership with Climate Action Lincoln who held a march earlier today that started at the castle, collecting waste as they came down the high street. This was done to show the extent of the waste problem in Lincoln. The organisation have also previously held protests around the city in relation to the climate change problem a few weeks ago.

Lush Cosmetics as a company aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They sell a wide range of “naked” products that are free from packaging to reduce the amount of waste that is thrown away. Products that must be packaged come from recycled material and they hope one day all their products can be recycled or compostable.

The event also followed the #trashtag and #plasticgrab social media trends. It was set up in the aims to get the people of Lincoln to think more about the environment around them and take more care when it comes to taking the rubbish out.

Jo Watmore, trainee manager at Lush Lincoln, talks more about the importance of the event they held, how it went and more about the wider clean up trends.