Hey Hay Fever!

Tough time ahead for those who suffer from hay fever.

The next few months will be filled with misery for many, but if you follow our great tips, you will be able to make the most of your summer!

Tony Hayer, pharmacist in Lincoln, has been giving us tips on how to suffer less from Hay Fever within the next few months.

Tony suggests to keep your windows shut in your home as well as in your car to reduce your suffering. If your car has a built in air conditioning, make use of it as AC’s have good built in pollen filters which keeps the pollen out of your car and protects your eyes while driving.

Another suggestion that Tony makes is to wash your face with cold water whenever you come home from outside or are exposed to pollen.

Be aware that the clothes you are wearing outside will bring pollen into your house. Make sure you place them somewhere away from where you sleep, as they will still be releasing pollen while in your bedroom.

Remedies to reduce the symptoms can be bought over the counter to make spring and summer for hay fever sufferers more bearable.

But for some, remedies from the pharmacy are not enough. Hay fever season can be extremely uncomfortable for asthmatic people. Gemma Nesvik is sharing her experience as someone suffering from both, hay fever and asthma.