Blocking Out The Blue – Blue light glasses to shield against harmful digital rays.

Blue light glasses shield the eye from the harmful rays emitted by digital devices. Here is one example from the range carried by Boots Opticians.

With the increased use of digital devices, many glasses suppliers have introduced anti-blue light lenses to protect against the symptoms caused by continued exposure to computers, smartphones, television and other digital devices.

Whilst blue light can be natural as it can be emitted by the sun; the main issues come from electronic devices with led screens as they tend to produce far more intense beams, which are strong enough to penetrate the eye and over time deteriorate the retina.

Apart from the long-term effects of blue light, it can cause more short term symptoms such as eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and fatigue.


The position of Blue light on the EM Spectrum of visible light is what makes it so intense and is easily one of the ones to look out for.

As this is a digital age the answer simply isn’t to throw away your devices or quit your job in the office, which is why the introduction of these blue light glasses can help to tackle the issue without causing too much hassle.

The glasses are easily accessible both online and also on the high street and can be either added to an existing prescription or also can be placed on top of plastic lenses for those who don’t typically wear glasses.

The Highstreet stores in Lincoln carrying this product are Boots Opticians, Optique vision, Dixons and Martin Smith Opticians who carry their own specific indoor lenses that tackle blue light issues.

Martin Smith opticians on Lincoln high street do recommend every induvial looking into the buying the glasses consider getting a general eye test to ensure there aren’t any other more pressing issues and allows for a more specified product.

For an urgent fix to blue light emissions, digital device users can also turn on a built-in blue light shield available and can also buy an external screen protector.

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