Stranded Lincoln students finally find new homes

Students in Lincoln who found themselves homeless after a building firm collapsed are finally starting to move into permanent accommodation.

The new 179 High Street development was supposed to welcome over 250 students in September.

Many students were left without accommodation after Marcus Worthington and Company, the construction firm responsible for the build, went into administration.

179 High Street
Photo: Lauren Cooper

Students were allocated rooms in other University accommodation sites at the start of the year, in the hope that they would soon be able to move into 179 High Street. But after the build was pushed back to 2020, many students have chosen to stay in these rooms for this year.

Sian Purvey, 20, who studies Construction Science and Management at the University of Lincoln, was one of the many students who was moved to another accommodation: “I took a gap year and wanted to make sure I’d chosen the right university and the accommodation was a huge part of that, so it was disappointing to be let down.

“I was allocated a Gateway studio, but I know others weren’t so lucky. Obviously it’s not the outcome I wanted but at least there is no uncertainty now, and I can settle into this place for the year.”

Banking and Finance student Kaes Rathore, 19, was also affected when he was moved to the Pavilions accommodation. Kaes said: “I was disappointed to be in Pavilions, but I’m happy to stay together with the flatmates I’ve bonded with since moving in.”

He revealed that the delays had caused him some stress, but overall he was very happy to be settled into a permanent place.

Students have moved into a number of other accommodations around the city centre including Homes for Students property, Danesgate House.

A spokesperson said: “We are more than happy to accommodate students affected by the delay of 179 High Street.

“We have already accepted a number of students here and are more than happy to accommodate more if need be.”