New Menu is a Vegan Hit

A local fish and chip shop has decided to try its hand at catering for Lincoln’s vegan community by introducing their new meat and dairy free menu to the public on Monday.

New menu items. Photo: Andrew Norris

Carholme Chippy on Carholme Road, Lincoln has introduced a new menu that includes everything from vegan burgers to banana fritters. 

However, the main attraction’s on the new menu are the takeaway’s ‘Banana Blossom ‘Fish” and their ‘Battered Tofish’ both of which seem to have been a hit with customers.

The owner of Carholme Chippy Nick Avraam said “It’s been absolutely phenomenal, the response we’ve had from everyone has been great! We’ve been packed out every night and people are really eager to try what we’re offering.”

Preparing the Tofish Photo: Andrew Norris

However, he noted that bringing this new menu to life has been a challenge for the business with supplies of items such as the Banana Blossom being in short supply, he said “all of our local suppliers have sold out, I’ve bought all of it in three days and I can’t get hold of any more.”

And following the widespread condemnation of Burger King’s new vegan menu being cooked in fryers which were also used to cook their normal menu items Avraam has made sure that all of its vegan items are cooked in separate fryers.

Photo: Andrew Norris

He said “We’ve been planning this for a long time, we’ve made sure that we’ve got one pan which is strictly for vegan and we use different oils for that pan. Also all the tools we use are separate so there’s no cross-contamination and we’ve separated all of our freezer so you don’t have any meat products falling onto any vegan products.”

The takeaway has also started selling hot drinks with CBD Oil (Cannabidiol), legal in the UK, owner Avraam promises the drinks wont get anyone high but are ‘just a bit of fun’ and are available with vegan milk options.