LNER Launches Direct Train Service Between Lincoln and London

Passengers have welcomed the arrival of the new train services that run directly between Lincoln and Kings Cross Station in London.

As it stands, there are four direct train services on weekdays.  The average journey time is said to be 1 hour 55 minutes.

The times from Lincoln station currently are: 11:18, 13:23, 15:26 and 17:14.

Additional services running at weekends will begin in December; including an earlier service running from Lincoln at 8:06am from December 15th.

The trains that provide the services – the new ‘Azuma’ models – are said to run in fully-electric mode between Kings Cross and Newark Northgate, whereas the backup diesel engine kicks in for the final stretch to Lincoln. This is said to ‘cut harmful emissions by 90%’ compared to their diesel-only trains.

LNER also says that customers ‘will benefit from cleaner air and substantially lower noise pollution levels’ than their existing fleet. They aim to fully replace the lineup with the new Azuma trains by June 2020.

Rail Minister, Chris Heaton-Harris, said he was “delighted that passengers can now make the most of the new services between Lincoln and London, providing millions with more punctual, frequent and reliable services.”

The Azuma trains come with WIFI, extra legroom and more space for bags than previous models.

LNER’s Commercial Director, Suzanne Donnelly, said: “The new services provide significantly more opportunities for business travel, tourists and international visitors wanting to experience Lincoln.”

Passengers have praised the new service; describing it as a “big jump” from the old services.

“It’s much more efficient than before: you can travel one way rather than having to catch two trains.”