Ermine Estate taking an urban art form

There’s a chance for the people in Lincoln to work with artists in a social architecture event created by art organisation Mansions of the Future.

Taking place on the Ermine Estate the Urban Form programme plans to engage academics, students and local people to debate the past, present and future of the social and civic life within the built environment.

With the Ermine making up ten per cent of Lincoln’s built up area, the interwar council estate will be exploring the public spaces throughout development with architectural groups and citizens.

Students from the University of Lincoln’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment are working within the programme to consider the legacy of social housing developments distinct by social democratic ideals.

The event is trying to engage citizens and build up their relationship with the built environment around them, with help of technologies and tools.

Lincolnshire born architect Sam Scorer offers a new perspective to architecture by designing an aerial drone that will capture footage of the post-war council Ermine Estate.

A series of workshops, talks and family activities will take place in the estate and the mansion building within the city taking place from November to February.

Colette Griffin, the curator, said: “During this season of events we hope engage a number of different communities and residents.

“Projects within the Urban Form programme will present their own outcomes. For example on the Ermine Estate, following a period of research and development, an interdisciplinary design studio based in Berlin will be exploring the possibilities of public spaces,” said Colette.

Other contributors University of Lincoln’s artist and senior lecturer in the history of art, where he is holding a current research project exploring the history, landscape and memories of the estate.

St John the Baptist Chruch taken by J.Hannan-Briggs