Chatsworth Christmas Market

The Chatsworth Christmas market is a yearly occurrence and is set on the estate of the Chatsworth house.

Stalls pay thousands to stand each year and offer a range of unique things to buy and keep for your Christmas, it’s a great place for your Christmas shopping. The market is open from the November 15th until December 3rd. The times vary, from Monday to Thursday it is open until 10am until 5.30pm and from Friday to Sunday it is open from 10am until 6pm.

But, access is restricted this year. Due to the bad weather most of the grounds is waterlogged and the normal area for cars are now unsafe as it will sink. So to get to the market you either had to walk in, catch a bus or book somewhere. This could be to go into the house, to eat at the restaurant, if you are a gold or silver friend of Chatsworth or if you have pre-booked a car park spot.

So make sure to pre-book to go to one of the biggest events of the year!

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