The Eco Workshop hoping Lincoln residents will turn over a new leaf

Lincoln Eco Workshop in full swing. Photo: Leanne Buck

A group of 18 students held an Eco-Workshop on Wednesday to help Lincoln become a more sustainable city.

The event, held in the Minerva Building, was open to all and ran for two and a half hours. It included guest speakers, workshops and the chance to win eco-friendly prizes.

Planting Herbs workshop. Photo: Leanne Buck

A total of 42 tickets were sold, making it an almost sell-out event, and those who attended were given tips on how to become more sustainable.

One of the workshops held was a ‘DIY: T-Shirt to bag’ challenge. Charity shops around Lincoln had donated shirts they were going to throw away, due to them not selling, which were then used to create bags. Other workshops included how to plant herbs and how to make an EcoBrick, which entails putting pieces of plastic inside a plastic bottle, then using it as a plant pot.

Guest speaker Oliver Lancaster. Photo: Leanne Buck

Guest speaker Oliver Lancaster, founder of Shole (a sustainable solutions company), said:

“The most sustainable materials in the world are materials that are already here.

“I found myself getting confused about how to be sustainable, but the important thing is taking small steps and not feeling constantly guilty for not being vegan or for not doing everything at once.”

Ellen Baker, project manager. Photo: Leanne Buck

Project manager, Ellen Baker, said: “I think we needed to show that people do care and people do want change and that was shown by how many people came.

“We hope the event will become an annual one and that those who came today will go and tell other people what they’ve done to encourage others to take steps towards becoming more sustainable.”



The event raised £260.89 and profits will be split 50/50 between the University of Lincoln Eco Society and Friends of the Earth, an environmental campaigning community.

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